A Woman

She is the ocean. Soft and strong with every blink, exquisite Holding the potential to reshape the world. She sighs through the tension of keeping all that surrounds her safe in the midst of change. Her eyes close, missing each light that passes her by, Darkening her world for a fearful moment. All she can [...]


Your Self Belief Can Make or Break You

Good evening! Or good morning or day, depending on when you are reading this. I have returned from a life changing 10-day trip to Belize (I plan on posting about my trip with some tips for this very inexpensive vacation), as well as a two-day excursion to Disneyland for my 21st birthday (WOO-HOO), and a [...]

The Definition of You

Good afternoon my wonder bots. Today I had a thought, a thought I receive quite often in this society in which I reside. Why must we be defined? Why must we be put into categories, and why do we want to be? People may look at you curiously and ask, what are you? In reference [...]

We are all Celebrities

I've got to say, this world has got me feeling some sort of way. One minute I am angry, hysterical, and depressed at our world's predicament. The next I feel empowered, noticing all that is alright in our world, and the hope we still have. Maybe this is all happening for a reason! Or perhaps we [...]

What’s Up, Z? Plus: book suggestion!

Aye! Look who just came back from vacation. Moi! Long story short, I visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida with my family for a whole week. It was magical and absolutely gorgeous. I'll give a little insight on what I thought... We stayed in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which was exquisite and finely detailed to [...]

Change Is Not A Phase

When lost in deep emotions, people often skip to the extreme. But truth be told, humans are not extreme, we are simply in between. So why do we categorize ourselves so quick due to our feelings, or our actions, our passions and our appearance? Why must we label an entire gender, an entire race, an [...]

Yesterday, Today and Forward

There is no metaphor for violence, Specifically violence of hate and ignorance. I am connected to my Earth, my metaphors come from any essence of brilliance she possesses. Hate did not originate on this planet, it was brought and used to turn a species against itself. These people have become parasites, Zombies, Terrorists of the [...]

You Are Enough

Hello my sweet friends! As an American, dealing with our current predicament (long past due), I have been in the process of finding proactivity in these frightening times. This humanitarian, not political, issue has set forth towards what could become a civil war or a (also long past due) revolution. Enough young people know what [...]

Stripped of You

Dipped, dipped in blue. Useless to the grips on my wrists, Drowning in a deep sea of you. The darkest light my heart has felt A place so suffocating, so wondrous - Lay a finger on me and I may melt. An endless cycle of smothering love May never be enough... Stepping into a permanent [...]